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TidalFit Swim Spas by Artesian Spas™ are the perfect combination of innovative design, superior engineering and unmatched quality. Our swim spas provide the ultimate in aquatic fitness and relaxation, while cutting-edge designs and features are sure to complement any outdoor space. Crafted with the highest level of quality, TidalFit Exercise Pool and FitSpa models are equipped with unique features that provide a full-body fitness experience, including powerful swim jets and optional exercise accessories. With a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the perfect TidalFit Swim Spa for your backyard oasis.

Designed with convenience in mind, swim spas by TidalFit offer easy maintenance and operation. This means no hassle or dealing with complicated installation or water care. Plus, they provide benefits such as relaxing hydrotherapy jets, zone temperature controls, and soothing underwater lighting. With the ability to customize your spa, TidalFit ensures maximum wellness, fitness and relaxation.

Artesian Spas is passionate about providing superior spas and excellent customer service. With their holistic approach to health and wellness, they have become a leading provider of quality swim spas around the world. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing massage or physical therapy solution, a swim spa from TidalFit has you covered. For quality products backed by exceptional support, look no further than an Artesian collection model from Brazos Valley Pools & Spas.

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Exercise Pools

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Exercise Pools

Pro EP-15

One of our largest swim areas, the Pro EP-15 offers a professional swim experience with all the room you could ever need. Featuring an adjustable Hi-Flo current swim jet system and unique digital control systems, this model is perfect for athletes and swimmers of all abilities. Enjoy impactful exercise with variable speed settings in perfectly controlled water temperatures. The Pro EP-15 also features a unique ergonomic seating area plus optional upgrade features and accessories to personalize your spa experience. Get quality and convenience in one package with the beautiful Pro EP-15.

Premium EP-14

The luxurious Premium EP-14 Exercise Pool from TidalFit that offers maximum performance and convenience. Featuring a fourteen-foot length, this model boasts an adjustable Hi-Flo current swim jet system plus a user-friendly digital control system with multiple temperature and feature settings. Relax in the ergonomic seating area while enjoying superior countercurrent resistance thanks to the adjustable jets. Explore the optional upgrade of a jetted twin bench feature along the sides to create the premier party spa for all your family and friends. Whether swimming or relaxation is on your mind, the Premium EP-14 has it all.

Core Swimmer

When a true swim and play experience is what you are after, the Core Swimmer Exercise Pool delivers in major ways. The newest addition to the TidalFit lineup, the Core Swimmer provides the ultimate swimming experience with fourteen feet of length and adjustable swim jets. Enjoy powerful resistance from the Hi-Flo circulation settings or utilize the large swim area with the whole family for maximum enjoyment. Plus, with advanced SpaTouch™ digital controls and an array of temperature settings, you can customize your swim experience. Make a splash with the Core Swimmer, available now at Brazos Valley Pools & Spas.

ActivePlus EP-12

Designed with you in mind, the Active Plus EP-12 from TidalFit is a dream come true. Cutting-edge technology and design make this Exercise Pool a must-have for any aquatic fitness routine. An adjustable swim jet system provides superior resistance, while an ergonomic seating area offers optimal comfort. The Active Plus EP-12 is the perfect solution for those who want to add a touch of luxury to their outdoor space. This twelve-foot-long Exercise Pool comes with an advanced digital control system, powerful swim jets, and adjustable temperature controls, and multiple installation options. Upgrade features and accessories for the ultimate enjoyment.

Active EP-12

The Active EP-12 from TidalFit is a fantastic way to get an all-around workout. With a powerful swim system and optional features, this model provides superior resistance and optimal comfort. This twelve-foot-long Exercise Pool boasts an advanced digital control system and the ideal current for swimming or aqua jogging. The Active EP-12 also comes equipped with luxurious, ergonomic seating and adjustable jets for powerful hydrotherapy. Make your backyard dreams come true with the Active EP-12 Exercise Pool from Brazos Valley Pools & Spas.



Add the DTL-8 TidalFit FitSpa to your home and transform it into an oasis. This breathtaking swim spa features a 14-foot swim area complete with adjustable Quad Swim Jet System and Hi-Flo circulation, so you can customize your own fitness routine. The 8-foot spa section is gorgeous, outfitted with waterfall effects and optional illumination. Invite friends over and enjoy time together with seating for six. Plus, you can add an array of optional features to make your spa uniquely yours. With the DTL-8, you’ll have a luxurious space that’s both inviting and functional. Treat yourself to the best in swim spa performance.


The DTL-6 TidalFit FitSpa is the perfect combination of power and flexibility. This L-shaped swim spa features two distinct sides, both with adjustable temperature controls. The 14-foot swim side provides a powerful current that’s ideal for enjoying an efficient workout at home. With customizable features and accessories such as in-spa audio, remote monitoring, advanced water care and fitness accessories, you’ll have a space of endless delight. Retreat to your spa section and unwind with relaxing jets, a waterfall and abundant seating. Create the perfect aquatic escape with the DTL-6.


The DT-21 TidalFit FitSpa takes your fitness and relaxation to new heights. This top-of-the-line swim spa features two independent areas, so you can adjust your experience for both exercise and leisure. Outfitted with Hi-Flo circulation jets and impactful hydrotherapy massage, this 21-foot model is ideal for those looking for a larger swim and soak area. The spa side is set with dazzling jets, a full-body lounge and seating for six. The large swim area boasts a quad swim jet system and upgradable features like smart remote monitoring, audio capabilities and more. With the DT-21, you’ll find a beautiful attraction for your home.


Experience the excitement of the DT-19 TidalFit FitSpa. This magnificent swim spa features two separate zones with dedicated temperature controls, so you can relax in one side while enjoying a powerful swim in the other. With adjustable Hi-Flo circulation jets for exceptional current resistance, this 19-foot model provides an efficient workout for both swimming and exercising. Add optional accessories to make the most out of your fitness routine. The BellagioFall water feature and LED lighting adds unique ambiance to your backyard oasis, while the hot tub zone offers open seating you’ll adore. Discover the best of both worlds with the DT-19.

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