Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Take Your Spa Soaks to the Next Level

A gorgeous hot tub from Brazos Valley Pools & Spas is an amazing way to add relaxation and luxury to your home. Enhance your favorite space at home with accessories and parts that add incredible perks. Whether you’re looking for ways to make your hot tub more comfortable and accessible, easy to use, or upgrade its safety, we offer a variety of industry-leading hot tub accessories that can help.

Set the stage for a firm foundation with a modular hot tub pad. Gain convenient access to your spa and eliminate heavy lifting with a cover lifter that glides your cover on and off your hot tub with ease. Enter and exit your spa with safety steps and handrails that have a slip-resistant finish for extra traction. Lean back in shade and comfort as you enjoy your outstanding spa umbrella. And keep your water sparkling and free of debris with quality replacement filters.

Stop in our retail store today! With a large selection of hot tub accessories and replacement filters to choose from, you can find everything you need for premier daily spa soaks at Brazos Valley Pools & Spas.

Hot Tub Steps

The right spa steps are an essential accessory to add convenience and safety when entering and exiting your hot tub. Quality steps provide stability, improved traction for wet feet, and can be designed to fit in with the aesthetic of your outdoor space. Investing in quality spa steps is the perfect way to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all spa users.

For four decades, Confer Plastics, Inc., has made accessing hot tubs easy and beautiful. Featuring a variety of options and colors, choose from a selection of handrail or railless steps for unrivaled safety and comfort for your gorgeous spa retreat.

Hot Tub Pads

Install your new hot tub quickly with a hot tub pad. These heavy-duty spa pads are a fast and effective way to place a foundation under your hot tub. Our hot tub pad provides an added layer of protection between your hot tub and the ground beneath. By providing a solid, level surface, pads can be used to protect against ground settling or shifting that can cause your hot tub to become unlevel. Additionally, they are designed to prevent weeds and grass from growing up around your spa while also protecting the bottom of the hot tub from damage. Our quality hot tub pads are designed to withstand high temperatures, direct sunlight and water, making them the perfect choice for many hot tub foundations.

Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Umbrellas and Handrails

Choose comfort, convenience and safety to your hot tub with umbrellas and handrails that take your spa soaks to a whole new level. Create a warm and inviting atmosphere while protecting your skin from the harsh UV rays. Selecting a gorgeous umbrella not only adds shade and comfort, a variety of patterns and colors give you the option to add beautiful backyard design appeal. Quality handrails provide you with additional safety when entering or exiting your hot tub, too, as well as give you a place to lay towels for use upon exit. With our wide selection of spa umbrellas and handrails, you can find the perfect addition to your backyard oasis.

Replacement Filters for Hot Tubs

Your filter is one of the most important components in promoting clean, clear water. Routine maintenance includes replacing your hot tub filter when it is damaged or dated. To keep your hot tub clean and in top operating condition, we recommend changing your filter at least once a year. Selecting a compatible filter is simple when you shop at Brazos Valley Pools & Spas. We carry professional-grade filters that fit major brands of hot tubs and spas, plus our knowledgeable staff can help determine which filter best suits your needs. Take the worry out of filter replacement and rest assured that you are getting high-quality filters for your hot tub.

Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Cover Lifters

Are you looking for a convenient, almost effortless way to remove your spa cover? Cover Valet’s selection of premium hot tub cover lifters from Brazos Valley provides a convenient and secure way to remove and store your hot tub cover. The lifter allows you to easily lift your cover off the spa, eliminating the strain of manually lifting the heavy cover. Not only is your cover simple to remove, the cover lifter holds it in place off the ground to prevent cover damage. With a variety of styles and options, you can find the perfect cover lifter for your hot tub at Brazos Valley Pools & Spas.

Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Cover Valet

The revolutionary Cover Valet™ is the world's most used spa cover removal system. Designed to blend seamlessly into almost any outdoor decor or layout, you can use your raised hot tub cover for a little extra privacy from neighbors.
Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Cover Valet Pro

The Cover Valet Pro is crafted from strong, lightweight aluminum and includes dual gas shocks as well as a centered bar that crosses the cover seam. Its powder-coated finish ensures you can easily lift your spa covers with ease – meaning you'll spend more time in your spa than ever before.
Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Cover EX Premium

The Cover EX is designed to perform and excel in what it does: effortlessly lifting your spa cover. With smoothness and efficiency, your spa cover glides into place while encouraging you to use your hot tub more often!
Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Cover Rock-It

Meet the Cover Rock-It – an intuitively designed cover lift that fits most modern spas up to 100" in size. The ease of use and affordability make it a great choice for anyone looking for superior spa protection. Simply rock your cover into place to keep wear and tear on your cover to a minimum.
Spa & Hot Tub Accessories

Cover RX Universal

For those seeking a hassle-free way to open and close their spa, the Cover Rx is your ideal answer. Its one-of-a kind undermount installation plate eliminates drilling into the cabinet while providing just 18" of clearance – perfect for any space! This premium hot tub cover lifter fits any hot tub for convenience and ease.

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