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Professional Water Care Products You Can Trust

At Brazos Valley Pools & Spas, we have all of your pool and spa care needs covered. We carry the most advanced selection of professional-grade water care products from the leading manufacturers, to help keep your pool or spa in great condition. Our knowledgeable team can answer all your questions and ensure you get the right product for your unique needs. We offer everything from test kits and shock treatments, to sanitizers, algaecides, clarifiers, and more. And with free water testing, it couldn’t be easier to get the exact products for your unique water care needs.


Poolife™ products undoubtedly set the standard for convenient pool care maintenance. All Poolife products are designed to provide pool owners with a complete water care system that is easy and convenient to use.

From balancing chemicals like pH, calcium and alkalinity increasers and decreasers, Poolife has everything you need for crystal clear water. With Poolife’s specialized line of sanitizers, clarifiers, enzyme cleaners, algaecides, and shock and oxidizers, you can easily keep your pool clean and crystal clear with minimal effort.

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BAQUACIL® offers a straightforward three-step process for swimming pool water that is fresh, clear, and chlorine free. Specially formulated products offer broad-spectrum disinfectant against bacteria, algae, organic materials and other contaminants. BAQUACIL products also provide protection from UV rays so water remains clear and clean even in hot summer months.

The combination of BAQUACIL products allows for an easy-to-use, low-maintenance swimming pool experience for ownership ease. Unlike some other options, BAQUACIL® works with long-lasting chemistry that won’t damage or discolor swimsuits while still being gentle on hair and skin. Find clarity and protection for pool water with premium products at Brazos Valley Pools & Spas today!

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Sirona Spa Care

Sirona™ Spa Care products can help to revolutionize your approach to water care. Backed by years of expertise and innovation, Sirona products offer safe, easy-to-use and efficient spa water solutions that go beyond the expected. Not only do Sirona products meet the needs of your spa, but they also provide comprehensive protection and testing options for your water.

Unwind, relax and revel in the therapeutic power of clean spa water. Sirona provides only the safest, most efficient sanitizers, balancers and specialty products as well as chlorine-free and bromine-free alternatives to make sure your spa is a healthy haven for you to enjoy. For exceptional spa care, contact Brazos Valley Pools & Spas today!

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FROG Water Care System

When you want simplicity and convenience, FROG® mineral water care products offer incredible sanitation for pools and spas with its one-of-a-kind, patented technology. With prefilled cartridges and easy dispensers, you can say goodbye to the mess, hassle and worry of pool and spa care. Every product from FROG utilizes Fresh Mineral Water® to ensure that your water has beautiful sparkle, refreshing clarity, smooth softness and effortless ease.

With up to 50% less chlorine or bromine needed for your pool or spa, you can save money all while enjoying water care that is as easy as can be. With its low-maintenance and easy-to-use applications, FROG offers a variety of water care products, from chlorinators to sanitizers, each designed to keep your pool and spa safe and clean. No matter the size of your pool or spa, FROG products from Brazos Valley have something for everyone.

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Mineral Springs by BioGuard

Take your salt pool to the next level with the Mineral Springs® System. You’ll find that maintaining a sparkling clean pool is easier than ever. Once you start off with Mineral Springs Beginnings you rarely need to add anything else to your pool except for Mineral Springs Renewal once per week. 

The Mineral Springs System is a cost-effective, easy-to-use system we know you’ll love! 

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AOP Systems

Brazos Valley’s AOP™ systems provide the latest in advanced oxidation technology for your pool or spa. Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP) systems are designed to provide superior water sanitation for commercial and residential pools and hot tubs, eliminating contaminants and odors through patented UV-C and ozone purification techniques.

With Clear Comfort, CLEARRAY® and the innovative CLEARRAY® PRO3TECT™ systems for pools and spas, you can provide the ultimate swim or soak experience while saving time, energy and money. These leading AOP systems are proven to reduce chlorine usage by up to 75% – offering crystal-clear pool and spa water each and every day of the year.

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