Jacuzzi proudly offers some of the best hot tubs and spas available in the world today.


We understand that water quality and energy efficiency are high on your list of important features. We recently introduced a whole new way to maintain clear, fresh water that is not only highly effective, but also saves energy by helping your model run more efficiently. All of our models bring warmth, comfort, and invigorating hydrotherapeutic massage. It’s the best way to relax and reconnect at home, with family and friends.


Ultimate Luxury J-400 Collection Family Image

Ultimate Luxury J-400 Collection

Our Designer Collection
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Signature Line J-300 Collection

Quality and Performance

Jacuzzi Spas

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I loved everything about it!

The performance was great. I never had no problems. It always worked and worked very well. Its the best. I used it a lot and it helped me relax. The durability was the best. It never broke, never had to have any work done to it. It never cracked or … Read More

Jennifer - Las Vegas, NV

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This tub is awesome!

This tub is awesome. It is the most relaxing experience that anyone could ever have. I love to soak my sore muscles in the tub after a workout. The tub has many functions. You can adjust the flow to make it heavy or light. It also has easy cleaning options. … Read More

Carey - Hartselle, AL

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It’s very relaxing

It comfortably seats 4 people and works very well. It’s very relaxing. The temperature is easily adjusted to our liking, the inside color is a lovely shade of green/white swirls. It has just the right amount of jets. We had it moved from a location approx. 50 miles away to … Read More

Vickie - Bethlehem, PA

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I would buy again

Was very relaxing and comfortable. I would buy again. I had them to install it and they did a good job. Like a spa, a hot tub has built-in jets to provide warmth, relaxation. Was very good to use. A hot tub is a large tub or small pool full … Read More

Ervin - Greensburg, PA

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Makes you feel young again!

It makes your body feel real good after a long day of work, sweat, or whatever you do in your day. It really makes you feel young again! And good for winter too! It should last a long time with no issues as long as you maintain it and take … Read More

Jonathan - Kannapolis, NC

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