Swim Spas

A Swim Spa Means All-Season Fitness and Fun

The best of both a swimming pool and a hot tub, a Jacuzzi® or TidalFit® swim spa from Brazos Valley Pools & Spa offers an incredible space for swimming, fitness, playing and recreation in an all-in-one compact package. Easy to install and incredible to use, your swim spa boasts a large swim area, technologically advanced controls and features, powerful hydrotherapy, and space for creative connection. Add upgrades and accessories to enhance enjoyment and use each and every day. With temperature controls for all seasons, you’ll love using your swim spa all year long. Schedule your free test swim today.

Swim Spas


A swim spa from Jacuzzi® offers the perfect combination of performance, power, and renewal.
Swim Spas


With an Exercise Pool or FitSpa from TidalFit®, endless fitness and fun are here to stay.
Swim Spas

Swim Spa Accessories

Enhance your workouts with impactful accessories to boost your swim spa use.

Jacuzzi Swim Spas

A Swim Spa with the Historic Performance You Love

A Jacuzzi® swim spa is a spectacular piece of advanced engineering. It combines the best of two worlds: the relaxation and comfort offered by a hot tub and the exercise capabilities of a swimming pool. With its superior design and powerful PowerPro™ jets, it provides a luxurious hydrotherapy experience unlike any other.

The perfect way to relax and unwind, a Jacuzzi swim spa is packed with exciting features. The combination of powerful jets and adjustable temperatures create an immersive aquatic experience that can be tailored to your exact needs. You can enjoy the gentle massage from the swirling waters or crank up the swim current for a more vigorous workout. With high-performance results, you can get the most out of your swim spa and improve your fitness level faster than ever before.

The health benefits of a Jacuzzi swim spa are undeniable. The powerful jets help to massage away stress and tension, while the buoyancy of the water provides a low-impact way to exercise that is easy on your joints. With its combination of relaxation and exercise, it can help maintain overall well-being and improve cardiovascular health.

The beauty and relaxation of a Jacuzzi swim spa brings people together. Its spacious design offers plenty of room for family and friends to socialize or just sit back, relax, and take in the view. With its unique design, a Jacuzzi swim spa from Brazos Valley Pools & Spas is the ultimate way for anyone to enjoy a luxurious aquatic experience in the comfort of your own home.

Jacuzzi PowerPro Collection

From exclusive jets to a wide selection of accessories, Jacuzzi’s PowerPro™ Swim Spa Collection is designed to offer the highest-quality performance and features that you expect from a name like Jacuzzi®. With its cutting-edge technology and adjustable speed settings, your swim spa provides a truly immersive experience. Step up your swimming game and build endurance with your choice of PowerPro model and accessories. Exclusive aquatic technology brings a 6.2 miles per hour current to your backyard, giving you the ultimate challenge in swim training while providing therapeutic relief through our powerful PowerPro™ jets. Our revolutionary Aqualibrium® formula, combined with strategically placed jets along the muscle structure and ergonomically designed seats, provides a massage experience unlike any other. Achieve peak performance without leaving home or relying on seasonal water temperature. Make year-round training possible with your high-performing PowerPro swim spa model.

Jacuzzi PowerActive Collection

Bring home the perfect combination of advanced power and design. With its powerful jets, adjustable currents, and exclusive Aqualibrium® formula, the Jacuzzi® PowerActive™ Collection provides premium relaxation and exercise in one compact package. Elevate your in-place swim experience with PowerPro™ AX jetted current and jetted SteadySwim™ buoyancy which provide both resistance training and effortless maneuverability. Track and evaluate your performance with groundbreaking FORM® smart swim goggles to gain valuable insight into improving your swims. Enjoy at-home fitness, soothing hydromassage, and quality time with family and friends year-round from the comfort of your backyard. No matter if you’re aiming for an intense workout or would like access to a heated pool all seasons, your swim spa provides everything you desire for the best in backyard recreation and fitness. Exercise on your own terms, feel renewed, and have fun any time of day. It’s all possible when investing in a model from Jacuzzi’s PowerActive Collection.

Jacuzzi PowerPlay Collection

With the Jacuzzi® PowerPlay™ Collection, you can experience total aquatic leisure. The J-13 PowerPlay™ swim spa provides the perfect combination of recreation and family fun – whatever season it is! Jumpstart your day with an invigorating session in the pool or turn up the fun for family gatherings in this backyard paradise. With its adjustable temperature settings and hydromassage seats, not to mention reliable swim currents, all that’s missing is you! Seating for nine combined with exclusive Jacuzzi hydrotherapy provides distinct options for every user. Elevate your outdoor living space with the perfect combination of bench seats and hydromassage chairs, plus sparkling Multi-color LED lighting, an illuminated waterfall, exterior running lights and a luminous status indicator. Furthermore, two 4Hp 2-speed pumps and a 4Hp single speed pump create an optimal flow rate for both exercise and leisure activities – ensuring that you experience the best in state-of-the-art hydrotherapy. Create an atmosphere of leisure, fun and serenity that will dazzle all who visit.

Swim Spa Fitness and Relaxation Starts with TidalFit

A TidalFit® swim spa is the perfect way to enjoy an aquatic workout, leisurely dip, or advanced hydromassage. Whether you’re looking for low-impact exercise, fun in your backyard, or just want some restorative relaxation, these convenient spa options provide powerful jets which create a current ideal for swimming laps, playing around, or relaxing. With a Tidalfit Exercise Pool or FitSpa, you can have the best of both a swimming pool and a hot tub. Maximize your fitness with a full routine and then indulge in ergonomic jetted hydrotherapy seats. Whether you choose an all-in-one system or a model with a dedicated swim area and separate hot tub space, you’ll love every moment you spend in your beautiful swim spa.

Swim spas are also great for family fun, teaching kids to swim, and even hosting family and friends. You’ll find all the benefits of a pool with less cost, less yard space taken and less maintenance. If you seek an enjoyable and practical way to both exercise and relax in the comfort of your own home, a TidalFit swim spa from Brazos Valley Pools & Spas is the ideal choice. Our luxurious combination of swimming pool, spa, and at-home gym will provide entertainment for all seasons! There’s no better addition to your backyard than one that meets both fitness requirements as well as relaxation desires – get yours today!

TidalFit Exercise Pool

Looking for a way to enjoy the many benefits of swimming without investing in an inground pool? A TidalFit® Exercise Pool offers all the advantages of regular pools in a compact, easy-to-maintain space. Whether purchased for solo use or for the whole family, an Exercise Pool model is designed to provide superior exercise, fun and relaxation. Key features include adjustable temperature settings, hydromassage seats, and a swim system that produces a powerful current for swimming or exercising against the flow of water. With its combination of state-of-the-art design and ergonomic comfort, your swim spa will be the highlight of your home. Temperature controls allow you to use a TidalFit Exercise Pool year-round in all seasons. With optional semi-inground installation, you’ll find the perfect family space for recreation and aquatic workouts.

TidalFit FitSpa

Improving your overall well-being has never been easier with a TidalFit® FitSpa’s perfect blend of fun, fitness, and superior relaxation. Optional accessories like a rowing kit, swim tether, resistance bands and more offer superior fitness amenities to make the most out of your workouts. With its adjustable temperature settings, FitSpa models provide a great way to use your swim spa swim and fitness zone all year long. And when you want the best in hydrotherapy, simply retreat to the dedicated hot tub area. A combination of powerful jets and ergonomic seating offers premier massage and unmatched comfort. You can experience a full aquatic workout that is tailored for your needs as well as renewing hydrotherapy designed to bring the best wellness to your home.

Swim Spa Accessories

Bring Safety, Convenience, and Next-Level Fitness Home with Swim Spa Accessories

A sensational swim spa is the perfect way to bring next-level fitness home. Enjoy a swim spa with a range of unique accessories, allowing you to further customize your experience and take your workout to the next level. From a swim tether that offers support for swimming against the current, to exercise equipment like a rowing kit and resistance bands, there are plenty of options to enhance your swim spa ownership experience. Additional steps can also add safety and convenience as you enter and exit your spa. Contact us today for more information about the swim spa accessories that are right for you.

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