If you think all aboveground pools are created equal –Think again!


Radiant Metric Pools come in 3 exciting shapes for you to choose from, including our uniqueFreeform pool. Explore your options for liner and wall pattern design to customize the look of your pool! You can surround your Radiant Pool with a deck to create a poolside entertaining area. For a true backyard resort feel, add the radiant inside step. This innovative liner over step adds a whole new dimension to your poolside pleasures providing a great gathering area for conversation and relaxation. Covered with a slip resistant textured liner for safety, it’s perfect for loungers and little ones alike! This exclusive step option provides you an easy access into and out of your aboveground pool that you can only get with a Radiant Metric Pool. The seamless design of the Radiant Inside Step complements the aesthetic appeal of your pool by creating an inground look in your Radiant Metric aboveground pool.