poolife® Bromine+

poolife® Bromine + is a form of brominating hydantoin for pools. It is easily adapted to many erosion feeders used to automatically treat both commercial and residential pools. It doesn’t reduce pH or affect calcium hardness. Can be used in feeders, floaters and skimmers.

Useful Tips

  • Improved bather comfort
  • No bleaching of hair or bathing suits
  • Doesn’t reduce pH or affect calcium hardness
  • Very low odor
  • Can be used in feeders, floaters and skimmers


Primary Specs
AVAILABLE SIZES: 25 lbs. / 50 lbs.

Stabilized Chlorinators

poolife® stabilized chlorinators (orange lids) help keep the pool water sparkling clean with 3” tablets, 1” tablets and sticks for use in automatic chlorinators, skimmers, feeders and floaters. These trichlor-based products dissolve slowly for continuous chlorination. The granular stabilized products keep your pool clean and dissolve instantly for quick results. Stabilized chlorinators are sun protected to extend the life of the chlorine in your pool water. The poolife® MPT Extra™ 3″ Chlorinating Tablets sanitize, prevent algae, clarify and soften pool water – all in one!