poolife® AlgaePhos™ Algaecide

poolife® AlgaePhos™ algaecide is a multi-action formula that prevents algae growth and reduces phosphate levels in your pool water.  Compatible with any type of pool sanitizer.

Useful Tips

  • Add 16 fl. oz. per 25,000 gallons of pool water for the initial dose.
  • Thereafter, add 4 fl. oz. per 25,000 gallons of pool water weekly, or after heavy rain.


Primary Specs
AVAILABLE SIZE: 32 fl. oz.


Algae is no fun. It will destroy the beauty of your pool by causing cloudy, discolored water. It can even cause unpleasant odors around your pool. The poolife® brand offers an extensive range of algaecides that not only rid your pool of existing algae but prevent future algae blooms. Most of these products are non-foaming, do not require pH adjustment before use and work in 24 hours.