Softub Natural Wood Surround

Figuring out how to complete your Softub Space? Add a deck surround!

Available for the Softub T-220 or the Softub T-300+

The natural-stain deck surround is an accessory made of top-quality western red cedar. It is not required for the function of the Softub yet adds some aesthetic beauty and practical uses.

The deck surround is already weatherized and may be stained or left as is in its natural wood state. This deck surround is only available on our mid-size Softub 220 [6 feet in outer diameter] and our largest Softub 300 [6.5 feet in outer diameter], adding itself 2 additional feet around the Softub. You may choose to purchase with your Softub, or wait for a later date to consider whether a surround is right for you.

This wood deck surround ships separately to your doorstep in pre-drilled parts, with some user assembly required.